A care ritual that perfumes, hydrates and brightens the skin. The biocosmetic power of Natura Ekos gave rise to new formulas of Triphasic Oils, with or without rinsing. Even more natural and with a higher concentration of bioactives, they hydrate, protect by forming a thin protective layer and enhance the natural tone of the skin, with a light and fragrant touch. To translate the lightness and benefits of the new Triphasic Oils by Natura Ekos, a visually powerful and extremely sensorial language was developed, bringing an invitation to this explosion of sensations.
Client: NATURA EKOS - Claudia Pinheiro | Carolina Secchin | Juan César Domingues | Isabela Pera
Agency: TÁTIL
Creative Director: Beto Biscesto
Art Director / Design: Camila Cannavale | Julia Liberati | Cahue Abatipietro
Photographer: PICT - Alê Torres
Creative Retouching: Fernando Arrais
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