This year's campaign imagery for A Night on Earth in Scotland was created in collaboration with Naíma Almeida, a renowned Brazilian artist whose work overlaps the boundaries between graphic design and hand-made projects.  Naíma's work points to a stylised interpretation of nature, looking for the geometry of shapes in a very graphic way.  The craftmanship of her designs tries to not define the limit of manual and digital but rather appreciate the flow between these areas with a bold, graphical and colourful explosion of joy – making her style perfect to complement and celebrate this festive season. Turn every moment into a memory with The Macallan A Night on Earth in Scotland. 
This is the season of celebration, of coming together and sharing food, memories and gifts of appreciation.

With rich and colourful illustrations highlighting the joy and light of the season, we have curated a selection of distinct single malts to help you choose the perfect gift. Savour the holiday season and make every moment exceptional with a timeless gift from our limited collection of lifestyle accessories.
Naíma is a Brazilian artist focused on graphic design and hand-made projects. She sees design as a weft where creative areas intertwine. 
Instead of defining the limits between design and art, manual and digital, she focuses on appreciating the free flow between these areas and different media in search of a satisfying outcome for every project. 
Her work is often a bold, graphic and colourful exploration. There is clear care in the details and colour relations. It can be seen in her current acrylic work or with felt, where she makes large compositions with hundreds of felt pieces embedded, overlapping and glued one by one.
Creative Project: La Baraque @labaraque_creative
Naíma Almeida @naima.almeida
Art direction:
KM Studio @klebermatheusstudio
Asistant art direction:
3D animation:
Iracema Trevisan @iracema
Lovi Produções @loviproducoes
Strategic copywriting:
Rodrigo Vieira @rodrigo_cvieira
Phill Cardelli @philmaker_
Guilherme Carrara
Light designer:
Gustavo Uehara
Still photo:
João Avila @joaoavila
Photo ass:
Guigo Sorbello @guigosorbello and Rafael Sá
Image retouching:
Fernando Arrais @fernandoarrais
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