The L'occitane brand invited us to join the team responsible for developing this innovative project for a peculiar product line. These are perfumes with exotic fragrances of three flowers that have been forgotten in the world of perfumery.

Noble Epine - A symbol of purity and protection
Fruity freshness, floral smoothness and almondy, spicy notes.
It's a creation inspired by a flower that symbolizes purity and used to be made into crowns for fairies so that they could protect villages.

Melilot - A flower full of memories
Green freshness, floral softness and notes of cereal and milk.
An elegant and surprising perfume. Its floral heart blends with cereal notes, combined with the freshness of green vegetable notes and also dairy notes. 

Barbotine - A flower surrounded by legends
Aromatic, reviving and delicate floral notes. 
With a soft and enveloping scent, its delicate floral notes blend with sophisticated and fresh aromatic notes.

With the motto "Unforgettable Flowers", the campaign looks at representations of nature in the iconic Masterpieces of renowned French impressionist artists. This inspiration served as the starting point for creating a launch strategy based on flowers that had long been neglected by the beauty industry. Using this relationship with art to highlight the nature that was part of the artworks, but was underappreciated.
Our Mission
The development of two Key Visuals, the first with the model Sasha Meneghel and the other with the Product Still, both with the same setting but from different perspectives.
The briefing suggested a masterpiece scenario with the protagonists inside. In a soft passage that surrounds the model, the artwork blends with the real flowers.

Below is a brief explanation of how we developed the final results.
Image Bank
Images acquired for the construction and development of the ambiance with the appropriate active ingredients for each fragrance.
The Starting Point
With the help of AI, we developed a background image that guided us in the placement of the elements in the scene. To give us a depth reference, we decided to add a dirt track in the middle of the scene extracted from the image bank. We roughly distributed the flowers on the sides of the scene and sent them to the AI to be re-drawn in a realistic way.
With Adobe Firefly, we brought impressionistic painting characteristics to the image. 
There was the need to add the texture of the paint strokes, the fabric of the canvas, and some age to the image without detracting from the aesthetic. At this point we had to use a mix of effects and plugins. This also helped us increase the size of the image, as the requirement was at least 70 centimeters by 300 pixels.
Post-Production Process

Client: L'Occitane en Provence
Agency: Outpromo
Model: Sasha Meneghel
Creative Director: Danilo Vizagre, Marcelo Favery
Art Direction: Camille Esteves, Mariana Claro
Photography: Fernando Tomaz
Executive Producers: Fernanda Sá, Filé
Model retouching: Bruno Rezende
Post Production: Fernando Arrais

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